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Why British Major Robert Rogers Does Not Deserve a Statue Nor a Days Ceremony nor a Park in His Namesake.
An Article by Raymond Pibunki Awasos LeMay,
a Koasek Abenaki.
British Major Robert Rogers
Monday, May 30th, 2005, Memorial Day,Fort Edward,Rogers Island,NY.
A day in which we are supposed to honor our American Veterans both past and present alive and dead. But yet it is a day chosen as a day to honor a Man whom would be known as a Butcher of the Abenaki and a Traitor to our Nation.  Also to further put insult to injury a major insult to present day Native Americans in honoring his accomplishments. Why doesn't he deserve a statue, i hope to answer that or at the least educate the public as to why.
    How is this man Rogers remembered and respected? Well he is honored and respected by the Present Day Army Rangers of the U.S. Army for his guerilla warfare manual which is still used in parts today in mainly fighting the French And Indians during the 7 yrs War or the French And Indian War as it is known and written at Rogers Island.  
But what else did he do to recieve recognition?
Everyone remembers Rogers a Native Born New Hampshire son; for his french and indian fighting as commander of his 200 or so british rangers and the one massacre; or so popularly known as the 1759 Rogers Raid on St. Francis he performed on innocent defenseless abenakis women and children. Rogers goes on to report he and his british rangers killed 200 and took some 20 prisoners, which was grossly outnumbered to cover up for the heavy losses he took enroute and back in losing half of his force of rangers. The real casualties were some 30 dead; among them 20 women and children by French Observers on the spot soon after the massacre at the Village of St. Francois du Luc (Odanak) on October 4, 1759.(2) His massacre and gross miscount of the dead all was to curry favor with the British Authorities.
    By the time the American Revolution came about
The Major was looked upon as being so close to the British Crown and Loyalist in Nature that even our Founding Father George Washington fearing Rogers a British spy, turned down Rogers Volunteer Offer to Command a Regiment in the Continental Army.
Rogers went on to raise his own company of loyalist rangers,
but failed in his legacy to have any  impact as he had in the previous war.
A heavy drinker, he died a pauper in England in 1795 and is buried somewhere beneath the streets of London.
    On 33 acres of private land on Rogers Island is now a private memorial park created to honor this man; in it a full life size bronze statue of Major Rogers.
I end this with some final thoughts, is Benedict Arnold's Name mentioned anywhere at all at Saratoga?
It is now established he was a Butcher,Liar,and Loyalist Traitor; however the question remains why honor a man as a Hero a American Veteran on all Days Memorial Day?  I will leave that an open question to be answered by the facts noted.
I have presented my case as a French Canadian-Abenaki Descendant. The Raid of 1759,
referred to by the English as the "raid that destroyed the savage Abenaki Nation forever" and as "Rogers' Massacre" by the Abenaki that survived. I can tell you we are still here, we are the Abenaki Nation in Canada, we are the Sovereign Abenaki Nation of Vermont, The  Abenaki Nation of New Hampshire,the St.Francis-Sokoki Band, the Koasek (Cowasuck) Band of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation and the Nulhegan Band of Abenakis.  We are the Western and Eastern Abenaki, we are the Peoples of the Dawnland, and we are still here and the dawn still rises on us the people of the Dawnland.  

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